1st rank interior construction and refurbishment services

You can trust your cruise ship, ferry, hotel and restaurant interiors and public spaces in the hands of our skilled professionals. We guarantee a motivated workforce on your site in a matter of days wherever in the world you’re located.

Our team of resourcing and management professionals has extensive experience in project coordination and planning, and our workforce feels right at home in both traditional and LEAN environments. How can we help you succeed in your project?

Construction and refurbishment of interior spaces

From turnkey deliveries to subcontracting, we offer construction and refurbishment services for interior spaces in cruise ships, hotels, restaurants and public spaces. We are your flexible partner in installing and finishing interiors like cabins, messes, common areas and restaurants.

The intense tempo of interior outfitting in newbuild and refurbishment projects feels right at home for us. Our assembly professionals also excel at interior assembly in industrial settings, closely following your instructions and working methods.

Installation of fixed furniture

Properly installed furniture lasts long and lives up to its full potential from the start. Our assembly professionals install fixed furniture and equipment for hotel rooms, suites, restaurants and common areas such as clubs, kids areas, lounges and galleries.

Surface treatment and finishing

With our professionals, the level of finishing in your interior space is top-of-the-line. We are thorough in surface treatment and finishing such as painting and priming, so that your space conveys high-quality from floor to ceiling.

Marine warranty services

With our agile service and fast response rates, you can minimise the downtime and damage from warranty repairs or unexpected breakages. We take care of marine warranty services all around the globe successfully and independently, so you can get things up and running again as soon as possible.

For a motivated team of interior experts – contact us

When you’re looking for a motivated workforce for interior projects in cruise ships, ferries, hotels, restaurants, public spaces – or even assembly work in industrial environments – get in touch!

We will find the best people for your project as required: for days, weeks, months or even years at a time.