Ran-Pro – your link to high-quality interior construction

Carefully attending to your needs, we only provide the best workforce for your interior project. Our people excel both in traditional and LEAN projects, helping you finish each task on-time and on-budget.

This is how we operate

With our coordination and management skills, even larger projects are finished on the minute as planned. Our extensive experience in personnel travel arrangements ensures even large groups of workers on your site with a fast response time.

For us, the best guarantees for a job well done are leadership and training. We onboard our staff to make sure they succeed in their job. We are continuously praised for our flexibility, and are known as a trusted partner in the field.

Ran-Pro history – from luxury cruisers to interiors on land

Ran-Pro was established in 2008 to provide interior installations to luxury cruisers. Since then, we’ve been involved in more than 80 international refurbishment projects as subcontractors, assembling and installing cabins for well-established shipowners.

The past few years, we’ve expanded our business and helped create 1st rank interiors for hotels, restaurants and public spaces. Our experts have also covered personnel shortages in industrial manufacturing.

Today we are a group of trustworthy interior professionals always ready for their next assignment – wherever in the world that may be.

There’s no pro like a Ran-Pro

The name Ran-Pro is a promise of a skilled, punctual and hard-working team. Our mission is to run projects smoothly and finish interiors with 1st rank results.

As we grow, so do the opportunities. Our projects last from days to weeks to months, up to years at a time. Each assignment is unique and can be located anywhere around the globe.

Contact us for 1st rank pros

Headquartered in South-Western Finland, we provide interior construction services all around the globe. We are a trusted partner for world-class turnkey suppliers of cruise lines and interiors. Our team excels in versatile assembly work on construction sites and in the shipbuilding industry.

Let us respond to your personnel needs with agility and precision – contact us for 1st rank interior pros!